The Cadet Battalion grew stronger this year; a free grant of ammunition from the Government was given to fund and increase opportunities at the firing range. ‘The value to the nation of accustoming youths to the effective use of the rifle is manifest as bearing on practical schemes of defence, the necessity for which the late war has clearly demonstrated’. However, training in Chester was halted during the Easter holidays due to renewed fears of smallpox infection. On 26th July the Institute held encampment at Thurstaston for a whole week. This enabled the Cadets to carry out open air exercises away from distractions of home, giving them a taste for military discipline and camaraderie amongst their peers. Here, they were trained in the art of tactical instruction and physical fitness.

Meanwhile, back at The Florence Institute attendance continued to increase with demands for gymnastics, cricket, football, swimming and boxing. By 1902, boxing had become popular, and would remain so throughout the Institute’s history. After a lapse of 5 years, The Florence Harriers running team was revived, surging an increase in members, all with high hopes for the forthcoming season, which brought relative success. 


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