Interactive Archive

The interactive archive is a collection of photo, film & audio galleries that will take you straight to the heart of The Florrie – its people!


Our photo galleries give a visual taste of Florrie life. Can you recognise yourself or help us to identify our Florrie Old Boys and Girls?


Delve into our short film collection to discover more Florrie stories. Enjoy the full story of our restoration alongside interviews with Florrie Old Boys who will tell you why The Florrie meant so much to them.


In this section you can explore oral histories of Florrie life and narrated highlights from our collection of Annual Reports and Newsletters.

Florrie Old Boys & The Restoration

Former chair of The Florence Institute Trust Denise Bernard talks about the importance of The Florrie Old Boys & their role in our restoration.

Snippets From Our Annual Reports

Members of The Florrie’s Local History class read snippets and extracts of our annual reports from throughout the last 130 years.


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