Unsurprisingly, the tone of this year’s report is solemnly reflective, as it concludes ‘The past year has, perhaps, been the most difficult in the history of the Institute.

Events outside its control have had a huge impact on the Institute, although its services remain in great need:  ‘Naturally, owing to the war, there has been a steadily diminishing number of Senior Members, and almost an entire lack of voluntary workers. Under these circumstances it has been difficult to get leaders for the various activities of the Institute, and many of the classes have had to lapse for the time being. This is regrettable, especially in view of the fact that the general membership has during the winter months been even greater than it was in the years previous to the War.’ Nevertheless, the report appeals to members and their parents ‘to interest themselves in the Cadet movement, and point out to their sons the many advantages of belonging to a Cadet Unit, as they will probably have to join His Majesty’s forces later on.’

Unavoidable increases in heating, lighting and wages meatn the Institute finances fell into over £140 debit this year. However, it continued to look to the future of its members, and stated a that a bequest of £200 from Mr G H Hall will ‘increase the attractions of the Institute in order to be prepared for the return of our soldier members.’


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