On 13th December 1921, the Institute enjoyed a visit from The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress who witnessed a short display of Physical Training. Later they presented the boys with various tokens of efficiency for their achievements from the previous year. The Warden also presented a handsome shield to the Leader of the winning House to ‘stimulate efficiency in all departments of the Institutes work’.    

The attendance of members over the age of 18 increased to such an extent they received their own separate library. The Junior Division of The Literary and Debating Society covered a varied range of subjects that included ‘The introduction of power and machinery has not been beneficial to mankind’, ‘That professionalism in sport is detrimental to its highest interest’, ‘Educational provision for dull children’, ‘The influence of the cinema over children’ and ‘The principal effects of the development of science’. As you may suspect from the topics, the average weekly attendance failed to exceed ten!

The Institute revived the Florence Minstrel Troupe, whose first show on Boxing Day ‘met with a very hearty reception from the large and appreciative audience.’

It was also a successful year for Boxing, which was of interest to the boys who represented The Florence in the L.U.B.C. Tournament, where 4 boys reached the semi-finals, and W. Burns defeated his opponent in the final round. 

Thanks to several financial gifts, The Institute was able to work on the building exterior and the painting of several rooms, which the committee described the results as “most encouraging, as the whole tone and conduct of the club has become much more orderly and reasonable”.


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