This year the death of Sir Douglas Hall, the son of Bernard Hall was sadly reported.

A generous, yet anonymous, donation of £250.00 (equivalent to around £7,264.00 today), enabled the redecoration of the building to be completed, ‘the result of this on the general life of the Club has been very marked. With more homely and cheerful surroundings, the work of the Warden and the numerous voluntary helpers has been rewarded by a rapid growth of the Club spirit.’

After the boom of the war years, severe unemployment had a detrimental effect on the Institution’s membership, and a considerable amount of boys received help with their subscriptions. However, the majority of unemployed lads were unable to maintain their memberships, reducing the average daily attendance to 130. 

Those who remained at the club continued to enjoy the healthy rivalry between Houses, ‘supplying that enthusiasm in the boy which helps so much to establish the right tone amongst our members’. Establishing the ‘right tone’ was of utmost importance for the Committee, who stressed, ‘It is impossible to overestimate the value of this too many whose character might otherwise deteriorate during the time when they can obtain no regular work’. There was a particular concern about cleanliness and self-respect, and the Institute provided members access to shower-baths and dressing rooms.

The Florence had yet another successful season in gymnastics, with the under 18 boys winning The Ball Shield in the Liverpool and District Gymnasia League. Furthermore, the Neish Shield for the under 16 contests against Balfour Institute, Gordon Institute and Linacre Gymnasium were won, as well as both the Seniors and Juniors winning The Liverpool Union of Boys Clubs Competition in Physical Training. 

Boxing attracted a considerable amount of new members during the winter months, with two boys winning L.U.B.C. contests. March witnessed the first of the Inter-House Boxing Tournaments, where 40 boys competed over 2 nights, splendidly refereed, judged and timekeeper-ed by Dingle Boxing Club, under Mr P Graham. 

Indoor games played at the Institute included handball, with 60 inter-house matches attracting large crowds of excited spectators. There was plenty of enthusiasm for billiards too, and the table tennis team picked up the L.U.B.C. title. Both the senior football teams had satisfactory seasons, gaining them entry to the L.U.B.C. Leagues. The Cadet Corps experienced difficulties due to a change in personnel, with Mr H.K. Lunt of the Liverpool Institute Old Boys taking control for what was ‘an uphill struggle’.


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