1984 After three years of steady progress the Institute reported a difficult year, in the main due to the delay in appointing a new Youth Leader. The Institute had also been disappointed that they had not been able to make progress in developing a special initiative with the Education Authority to bring together the education […]


1980 The frustration of financial despair echoed loudly through the Chairman’s Report this year, which stated ‘The Management Committee have been very concerned during the year to find it necessary to operate on shoestring finances. The young people in Toxteth deserve every chance yet there seems to be very little the policies of Liverpool City […]


1980 Throughout its history, The Florrie’s activities programme developed in accordance with trends and demand. By the 1980s, the traditional menu of sport, football, netball, badminton, basketball and boxing was supplemented with classes in photography, textiles, Ju-Jitsu, weight lifting and needle crafts, among others. Also on offer were internal exchange programmes, employment activities, pensioner meetings, […]