1945 There is no Annual Report for this year. The Florence Institute News January 1945 The newsletter was now called the ‘Florrie News Sheet’ , and began by describing Florrie house matches at which rivalry was most intense in the sport of basketball. It also recorded that inter-club football matches were to take place against […]


1937 There is no Annual Report for this year. The Florencian 1937 By 1937, the ‘Florencian’ was born, and had new ideas about breathing life into the old newsletter format. Rather than being penned by instructors or committee members, The Florencian appealed to the members themselves, ‘The ‘Florencian’ will only become a big thing so […]


1984 After three years of steady progress the Institute reported a difficult year, in the main due to the delay in appointing a new Youth Leader. The Institute had also been disappointed that they had not been able to make progress in developing a special initiative with the Education Authority to bring together the education […]


1980 The frustration of financial despair echoed loudly through the Chairman’s Report this year, which stated ‘The Management Committee have been very concerned during the year to find it necessary to operate on shoestring finances. The young people in Toxteth deserve every chance yet there seems to be very little the policies of Liverpool City […]


1980 Throughout its history, The Florrie’s activities programme developed in accordance with trends and demand. By the 1980s, the traditional menu of sport, football, netball, badminton, basketball and boxing was supplemented with classes in photography, textiles, Ju-Jitsu, weight lifting and needle crafts, among others. Also on offer were internal exchange programmes, employment activities, pensioner meetings, […]


1971 It was clear from the Chairman’s Report that any form of reliance on financial donations was now wholly insufficient. Therefore, ‘The only way of preserving this type of Club, is to combine it with commercial and social activities, or as a community centre, producing a regular income.’ On the club-side, activities continued to flourish […]


1970 The report began with some encouraging words from the new Warden, who was clearly impressed by the calibre of Dingle lads: “This being my first year as Warden of The ‘Florrie’ I wondered if the old type of activity would be acceptable to the boys of the 1970s. I was more than pleasantly surprised […]


1965 This year saw the conversion of the canteen into a ‘Bat Bar’!  Twenty one Florrie boys built new furniture, fitted new lighting, wallpapered, painted and made the ‘Batman’ sign. Lead was stolen from roof by ‘some mean individual’ , which led the roof to require waterproofing, along with the replacement of broken windows, damaged […]


1963 The redevelopment of the Mill Street area presented the Florrie with the possibility of a permanent reduction in members; densely packed houses were replaced with open spaces and the population overall declined. ‘It is quite possible, for instance, that this area may well have more youth clubs than are really required, whilst there are […]


1962 The 1962-63 report described an ‘acute’ situation due to the lack of voluntary workers. This lack lead to the deterioration in standards of behaviour which ultimately undermined the good work the Florrie sought to do. The absence of voluntary works between the hours of 6-7.30pm meant that the club would be forced to close […]